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When you go on vacation, why not make your pet as comfortable  away from home as you are? Your   pet should stay in a place that is comfortable and caring. Your pet should stay with us!

Call now to book an appointment!                     

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  • Lotus Suites (5X9 room) television included as well as webcam option (additional charge) $35 per night.

    • $60 for two dogs

  • Dream Suites (4X7 room) $30 per night

    • $50 for two dogs​

  • Rainbow Suites (4X5 room) $25 per night.

    • $40 for two dogs​



Each suite is accommodated with a Kurunda Dog bed. Spa music is played 24/7 to help soothe anxious pets. We have designed our suites to look and feel luxury with tempered glass doors, sound proof acoustical ceilings, and heated floors.

DROP OFF TIMES: 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

PICK UP TIMES: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday hours for pick up / drop off:

8 am - 10 am & 4 pm - 6 pm

*If your dog/ cat will be taking medication while staying with us, it is required by the state to have the medication in its original packaging with the pets name, medication name, and dosage. There is a specific form that must be filled out for medications. Please email us to receive one, or give yourself enough time to fill out the form at drop off.

(Prices will be increasing January 1st, 2025)


What to bring with your dog or cat?

  • Food / Treats : Food must be packaged in a closed, sealed container 

  • Blanket / Toys : Please no large beds or anything that could be a choking hazard

  • T-shirt : Having the scent of their owner helps during the process

**Please make sure your cat / dogs' name and last name are written on their food / belongings.


Cat Condo: A designated room is now offered for our feline friends. A room that is tranquil and relaxing to ensure your cat has a stress - free stay with us. 

For an hour or two each day, your cat(s) will be let out indivdually, or as a family, for personal attention and play to ensure they're receiving adequate attention.

$25 per night or $40 per night for two cats.


a la carte

Add activities to your pets stay to give them a vacation too!


Our Daycamp is where your pet will be able to mingle safely with others his or her same size and temperament. It is a place where correct socialization is taught and supervised. Our staff are taught to monitor each dogs behavior to ensure that each dog is behaving respectfully. Sign your dog up for daycare during their stay to ensure they are getting exercise daily and it allows them more freedom from their suite.

FULL DAY (10am - 4pm): $25/ day

HALF DAY (10am - 1:30pm): $17/ day


If you have a more anxious or home sick dog, our hikes are the perfect way to go! Signing your dog up for hikes allows him or her to be able to actually get outside of the building for a refreshing walk. Our staff takes all precautions necessary to make sure your dog is safely walked outside of the building with our own leashes. Dog's are able to walk on different terrain from sidewalks to grass and mulch for 15 - 20 minutes per hike.

HIKES: $10 per hike

*Dogs may have multiple hikes per day


Whether it be for fun or for therapy, don't let your dog miss out on swim time! Our facility has a state of the art pool that is perfect for quick swims for exercise or just for fun. No worries, one of our trained employees joins your dog in the pool, life jacket and all, to make sure they are getting the best out of this service. Pool time can last 15 - 30 minutes .


$25 PER 15 minute swim

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