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Canine Carolina 

Canine Carolina is located in the Bethlehem / Hickory area. It is a secondary lodging facility we recently acquired. Canine Carolina is nestled in right behind Bethlehem Animal Hospital. It consists of 26 indoor / outdoor rooms for the dogs to be able to go in and out as they please throughout the day. 

Address : 85 Lynwood Lane Hickory, NC 28601



Canine Carolina offers overnight lodging for dogs and consists of individual rooms of different sizes. Each room has a guillotine style door that allows each room access to an outdoor patio. Canine Carolina is equipped with heating and air throughout the facility, and is always closely monitored. We also have large, grassed, fenced in play areas where the dogs are able to get out and stretch their legs throughout the day! Also, if your dog is a regular of Paw Tales daycare, you have the option to still sign them up for daycare, and we will transport your dog to Paw Tales for no charge other than the normal daycare charge.

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